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PEC Project Engineers & Consultants GmbH started out by consulting in project and process management for the automotive industry. Building upon the knowledge and expertise gained from working closely with automotive companies, we were able to expand our competencies and the range of industries we served. Our core objective is to provide high quality consulting services in all business areas while expanding our skills to better serve our customers.

Tim Kickstein has been a managing partner of PEC Project Engineers & Consultants GmbH since 2009. He studied mechanical engineering and informatics, and received his MBA from the International School of Management. In 2002, he started his career at a consulting firm, which focused mainly on the automotive industry. In this position he led various national and international projects in the automotive industry and specialized in project and process management. From 2008 to early 2009, he acted as department head of the in-house consulting at an automotive supplier, and subsequently changed to his current position at PEC.

Stefan Koch studied mechanical engineering and industrial engineering in Aachen. After graduation, he led several implementation projects in the field of CAx at a broad spectrum of mid-and large-sized companies. In 2002, he changed to work for a consulting firm, where he led automotive projects focusing on project and process management in product development. He has been a managing partner of PEC Project Engineers & Consultants GmbH since 2008.

Murugathas Sutharshan
Sutharshan Suwi Murugathas

Suwi Murugathas hat Maschinenbau an der RWTH Aachen studiert und ist 2012 als Consultant bei der der PEC project engineers & consultants GmbH eingestiegen. Nach ersten Projekten zur Optimierung von Prozessen bei deutschen Automobilherstellern wechselte er in die Maschinen- und Anlagenbausparte der PEC. Er spezialisierte sich auf das Projekt- und Prozessmanagement in der Produktentwicklung und den Einsatz von kundenspezifische Softwarelösungen. Durch die erfolgreiche Ausweitung des Kunden- und Projektgeschäft ist Herr Murugathas seit 2017 Partner der PEC project engineers & consultants GmbH.

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