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PEC Group offers cross-industry consulting services focusing on project management and process optimization. We support your business in developing product development strategies, in business process optimization and in efficiency improvement projects.

“Mutually – with the customer“, is our motto for managing every project. This, along with our experience and expertise are applied to the customer‘s business framework. Following a top-down approach (“do it this way”) alone is not enough to produce sustainable results, so our consultants often take on roles such as:

  • Organizer and Lead Roles in projects and programs
  • Mediator to ensure that corporate objectives are prioritized and implemented
  • Intermediary between stakeholder departments e.g. R&D, purchasing, controlling and production

Equipped with comprehensive technical and business management expertise, a broad network in the industry and long-standing experience in domestic and international projects, we can deliver the best results possible.

Tim Kickstein

Increasing creativity in product development and achieving maximum process compliance do not need to be a contradictory goal in a consulting project. Our work in process management is generally based on an existing, technical understanding of the operational development areas, as well as the long-term experience in the process optimization of various sectors. In this way we can avoid a one-sided optimization.

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