Automobile Industry

The automobile industry is undergoing a radical transformation. Globalization, consolidation, regulations and increased consumer expectations are all driving this change. New players aimed at disrupting the industry have also emerged. Traditional vehicle manufacturers are forced to launch new car models with new technologies faster than ever while still remaining profitable. Only those who are able to be truly flexible and optimize fully along the entire value chain will survive this competition and achieve long-term success.

The services we offer are not only analytical and structured in their approach but they also are based on our deep comprehension of the underlying cross-functional processes within the automotive industry. Our extensive experience coupled with an openness to different ways of thinking enables us to provide excellent consulting services. We are capable to assess the complex cause and effect relationships of the many decision points along the value chain, from product development all the way through the start of production.

Along with professional planning and steering of development projects, systematical gathering and usage of knowledge is key to a successful launch of new products. We accomplish this by working closely together with our customers, drawing upon the collective experience to gain highest efficiencies in project management.

Emiliano Fulajtar

There is valuable knowledge held within companies in the manufacturing and automotive industry. Unfortunately, it is difficult to provide this knowledge in an appropriate form so that employees can work quickly and efficiently. This applies both to technical know-how and to process knowledge. We help you to network the existing knowledge meaningfully and make it available to developers.

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